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(✪▽✪) (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Hey~ Princess Apple Alford at your service here! 🎄Well for starters I LOVE new friends you don't have to be my follower to be my friend just send me a fan mail or an ask and I'd be glad to talk to you non-stop! For the rest of my life (I think? ) I LOVE voltage Games! And all otome games but Im a Voltage Inc Fan Girl whether its Gree or Non-Gree~ My Voltage Husband is Keith Alford From Be My Princess ❤️ My Voltage Soulmate is Soryu Oh From Kissed by A Baddest Bidder and for my Sweetie Pie is Satoru kamagari [But I ship myself from time to time haha Im hard to predict actually] Sorry if Im going to sound possesive note that "THEY'RE MINE" sorry~ Im a meanie and you hurt them I'll happily poke your eyes out with a toothpick, Bulldoze your teeth, Kick the crap out of you, Scrape your flesh and feed you to my crocodile~ ^_^ Tumblr Best Friend - Shiinakey (Shiny) - Babe-devil (Yuki)Tumblr Soul Sister coryline (Cory)- MY Family>>classtripcrush (Sof) kiyoharu-sakuya-nanahoshi (Iris) eisuke-ichinomiya (lily) snowing-otome, Mitsunari-baba-KBBB (A), prince-joshua-lieben (Hidemi), kakeru-meguru-kamui (Flora), myforgedweddingrp (ameri) Enjoy my Blog and Godbless always, Thanks for stopping by //blows you a loving kiss

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This Beautiful Artworks are from Chai Kah Yee

Lookie guys sillynessa, shiinakey and themcdiaries

[[Kindly credit her when you reblog this, Dont remove the captions and own its yours, Okay? ^_^ Thank you~]]

She’s an awesome member of Be My Princess Group, Created by Cindi Lai


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