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Randomly going through my emails and realized that I’ve been a Voltage fangirl since 2012 XD

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I want to see the full move sub!!!!!! 


Penayangan Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji di Indonesia kembali diundur menjadi tanggal 28 Mei 2014

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Penayangan Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji di Indonesia kembali diundur menjadi tanggal 28 Mei 2014

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"Sebastian stay here… Until I fall asleep…"



teaching bocchan how to smile is….useless

Mizuki Yamamoto to play a maid in live-action “Black Butler”


21-year-old actress/model Mizuki Yamamoto will play an original character named Rin in the upcoming live-action adaptation of “Black Butler”

Rin is a cute maid character who serves Shiori Genpo (Ayame Goriki) alongside demon butler Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima) in a story set 130 years after the events of the manga. The role will involve intense action scenes which required two months of training for Yamamoto to prepare for before filming.

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Yuka to play Ayame Goriki’s aunt in live-action “Black Butler”, additional supporting cast revealed (Nipponcinema)

The supporting cast has been revealed for Kentaro Otani and Keiichi Sato’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Yana Toboso’s popular manga Black Butler. Taking center stage among the newly-announced cast members is former gravure queen Yuka who will play Hanae Wakatsuki, the aunt of heroine Shiori Genpo (Ayame Goriki).

Other newly-announced cast members include Takuro OhnoKen KaitoTomomi MaruyamaYu ShirotaKen YasudaSatoshi HashimotoTaro ShigakiMasato Ibu, and Goro Kishitani. Together they round out a cast which already included Goriki, Hiro Mizushima, and Mizuki Yamamoto.

The role of the mysterious, bewitching Hanae is a bit of a departure for Yuka, who has long been known for her bright and cheery image. The character is also 39, which is 7 years older than Yuka is right now.

The new film is set 130 years after the events of the manga, and although Hanae is a new character created for the movie, she draws inspiration from the original work. While acting as Shiori’s guardian, Hanae is also the only person with specific knowledge of a bygone era which becomes integral to an investigation being conducted by Shiori and her “flawless demon butler” Sebastian (Mizushima).

Capitalizing on the attributes which made Yuka a highly successful gravure idol, the film will also include a scene in which Hanae is shown in a bathtub surrounded by floating rose petals.

“Black Butler” will be released in spring 2014.

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Here’s the first teaser for Kentaro Otani and Keiichi Sato’s live-action adaptation of “Black Butler” (Kuroshitsuji, out Jan. 18, 2014).

Hiro Mizushima plays demon butler Sebastian Michealis in the year 2020, 130 years after the events of Yana Toboso’s original manga. Sebastian’s new master is Shiori Genpo (Ayame Goriki), a descendant of the Phantomhive family who sometimes poses as a male named “Kiyoharu”.



Sebastian and society demand the same things



Four new production stills from the live-action film version of Black Butler (2014)